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Statement of compliance is official document that is issued based on project documentation and is mandatory part of the documentation for receiving Usage permit. Company Licensed for performance of energy control is issuing this type of document. In the Statement of compliance is listed all data for thermal  characteristics of all construction elements, part of the building, the designed energy class and the percentage of energy recovery, if it exists. All above stated parameters should be equal or lower than the maximum allowed, according the law regulation. With this document it is stated that the building is designed  as energy efficient. 

K.A.K about us for Energy audits of Hotels Epinal and Bistra - „In a period of less than three months the com-pany DELTA PROEKT managed, to our great satisfaction, to fulfill the assigned tasks from the Agreement“.


ADORA about us: „Delta Proekt fini-shed their assignments professionally, timely and with high quality. We express our satisfaction of the per-formed services and strongly recom-mend Delta Proekt as a company for cooperation“.

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