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Research and implementation of new technologies, techniques, machinery and materials in the building and construction industry

  1. Alumina AD, Skopje, Macedonia
    Assistance provided: consultancy assistance in designing of new system for ventilated facades; implementing of new technology; developing new aluminum profile; purchasing new drilling and cutting equipment; new organization and technological schemes.

  2. EUROGRANITI, Tetovo, Macedonia
    Assistance provided: Implementing of new technologies and techniques in surface protection of the natural stones; list of necessary materials, equipment and potential suppliers

Commercial and technical support for foreign companies in the region

  1. Saint Gobain Oberland AG, Wirges, Germany, producer of glass blocks

  2. KEIL Werkzeugfabrik, Germany, producer of anchors and equipment for ventilated facades

  3. GENERAL, Modena, Italy, producer of materials for maintains and protection of natural and artificial stone

  4. SAELZER AG, Marburg, Germany, producer of security doors, windows and facades

  5. DURAL, Germany, producer of finishing profiles in interiors

  6. STANGL AG, Degenndorf, Germany, designer and contractor for installation works especially HVAC

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