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  1. ZBK KREACIJA: Training for architekts for integrated approach to design of energy efficient buildings,  february - march 2019, TRAINEE - HORIZON 2020. 

  2. HABITAT&ZBKKREACIJA&DROM: Teoretical trainings for facade, bricklayers, installers for dry construction and window and door installers, as part of the project „Developing sustainable model for the Roma employability” financed by the European commission – IPA Instrument. May-June 2017.

  3. ZBK KREACIJA: Participation in the project „Builders’ Energy Efficiency Training“ (BEET) financed from European Union, in 2015;

  4. USAID&HABITAT: Four trainings in Skopje, in duration of three days, for business sector, with topic „Developing businesses in the sector of energy efficiency and RES”, in 2014;

  5. USAID&HABITAT: Four trainings in duration of one day with topic „Employments in energy efficiency and RES in habitats”, in high schools in Kavadarci, Strumica, Skopje and Struga, in 2013/2014/2015;

  6. COSMO: Lectures „The introduction in Energy Audits”, three days, April 2013;


  1. OHRIDSKA BANKA, presentation of GGF (GREEN FOR GROWTH FUND) as consultants of FINANCE IN MOTION GMBH, 23.03.2019.

  2. Presentation for members of ROTARY: Energy efficiency need or luxury“ 15.11.2018.

  3. Participation on the fifth student conference for energy efficiency and sustainable development - SKEEOR (23.11-25.11) 2017

  4. Coorganisator with Green economy sector of IME (Increasing market employability) programme from Swiss contact of „Conference for energy efficiency measures and access to finances in the hotel business“ held on 18.10.2016 in Holiday Inn. 

  5. Participation on the Days of energy efficiency of the Karposh municipality with the presentation „Energy audit of office – implementation of the Software MCM EKO 1B2”, (25.11-29.11) 2013;

  6. Participation on the seminar Energetic reconstruction of buildings, COSMO, with the presentation „Energy savings in buildings”, 25.04.2013;

  7. Participation on the seminar Materials and technologies for sustainable energy Efficient buildings, COSMO, with presentation „Energy audit: importance and application”, 19.12.2012;

  8. Participation on the Days of energy efficiency of the Karposh municipality with Presentation „Methods for recognition and improvement of the energy efficiency of the constructions“, (31.10-2.11) 2012;

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