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Zora Karalieva is graduated engineer of architecture with working experience from 1998, expert for design („PELAGONIJA”) and supervision of buildings. From 2014 she works in the field of energy efficiency. She has licenses: A for design, B for supervision and for energy auditing. She is experienced in the preparation of technical documentation for different types of buildings, in supervision of facilities, investment supervision and coor-dination. In the field of energy efficiency has taken part in the preparation of all types of documents statements, certificates, elabora-tes and reports from energy audit.


Andrej Elzeser is graduated civil engineer with working experience from 1991 in management, coordination and supervision of buildings and construction of all kinds of civil engineering projects, in Republic of Macedonia and Czech Republic. He possesses technical knowledge and proved ability for management of projects, responsible for coordination of all  activities from the beginning till the end, finding original creative solutions to challenges, dealing with multi-discipline teams.

He has license A for construction, license A for supervision and license for energy auditing.


Zoran Olumcev is graduated civil engineer, co-owner of the company, with working experience from 1985 in the country („MAKEDONIJA INVEST“, „PELAGONIJA “ and „VIVA“) and abroad („MAKEDONIJA INVEST“ in Libya, „EIC MANAGEMENT“ in Germany and Kazakhstan), expert in project management, supervision of construc-tion/fit-out works, security of buildings and energy efficiency. Licenses: A for super-vision, A for revision, B for design and for energy auditing.

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Zhanina Stamenkova is graduated civil engineer and Master of technical science (Master thesis for energy efficiency), co-owner of the company, with working experience from 1987 in the country and abroad (Germany, Kazakhstan), expert in energy efficiency, structural analysis of buildings and project management. Licenses: A for supervision, A for design, B for revision and for energy auditing. She is internal auditor for the standard МКС EN ISO 50001.

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