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Study for energy efficiency is a document produced during the design phase. The goal of this document is to have a building with low heating energy demands, top living comfort and one that will not pollute the environment. The Study applies of the construction physics, about how to properly insulate the building, and it can also contain suggestions for energy efficient heating, cooling, ventilation and lightning. It is made according the law regulation and investor demands. 

K.A.K about us for Energy audit of Hotels Epinal and Bistra: „In a period of less than three months the company DELTA PROEKT managed, to our great satisfaction, to fulfill the assigned tasks from the Agreement“.

NEXTSENSE about us for Energy audit of the office: „We declare that company Delta Proekt finished all required tasks on time and with very high quality. We are very satisfied with the level of performance and we strongly recommend to the potential companies the services of Delta Proekt“.

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